Classic Custard Tart: A silky pastry flan coated in a crisp pastry crust

Classic Custard Tart: A silky pastry flan coated in a crisp pastry crust

This traditional French flan recipe is a culinary delight, combining the rich, creamy texture of vanilla custard with a buttery, homemade pastry crust. Perfectly balanced in flavor and texture, this custard tart is a sophisticated dessert that is sure to impress at any gathering or serve as a delicious treat for a quiet evening at home.


Why you'll love this recipe: This flan is distinguished by its creamy, indulgent pastry cream filling infused with real vanilla, creating a truly satisfying depth of flavor. The crust is delicately crisp, providing a lovely contrast to the moist pastry cream. This recipe is both comforting and elegant, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy classic desserts with a refined twist.

Perfect opportunity: Perfect for dinner parties, tea parties, or as a luxurious weekend dessert, this custard tart fits perfectly into any decor. It's also a great option for festive occasions, such as birthdays or holidays, where a classic, elegant dessert is desired.

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Decorating tips:

  1. Sprinkle with icing sugar: Just before serving, dust the top of the flan with icing sugar for a sweet and decorative finish.
  2. Add fresh berries: replaces the word nice with emptyp with fresh berries like raspberries or blueberries for a pop of color and a cool contrast to the sweet pastry cream.
  3. Mint branches: A few sprigs of mint can add a refreshing note and enhance the visual appeal of the dish.


  • Flour: 200g
  • Softened butter: 100g
  • Sugar: 25g
  • Water: 50g
  • Egg yolk: 1
  • Salt: a pinch

For the custard filling:

  • Eggs: 4
  • Whole milk: 1 liter
  • Cornstarch: 60g
  • Brown sugar: 150g
  • Vanilla pod: 1
  1. Prepare the puff pastry:
    • Rub the cold butter into the flour with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine crumbs.
    • Mix water, salt and egg yolk until a dough forms.
    • Lightly knead the dough on an unfloured surface to fully incorporate the butter.
    • Form into a ball, wrap in plastic and refrigerate.
  2. Line the pie dish:
    • Roll out the dough and line a 20cm high tart ring with it. Place the ring in the freezer to firm up.
  3. Prepare the custard filling:
    • Bring the milk to the boil with the vanilla pod and seeds.
    • Whisk the eggs with the brown sugar and cornstarch.
    • Gradually pour half of the boiling milk over the egg mixture, stirring constantly, then return everything to the pan and cook until thickened.
  4. Assembly and cooking:
    • Pour the custard into the cooled tart shell and smooth the top with a spoon.
    • Bake at 200°C for 25 minutes. Let the flan cool to room temperature, then place it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Appreciate: Indulge in the creamy texture and rich flavor of your homemade French custard tart, a timeless dessert that offers a touch of culinary elegance. Enjoy!

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