No-bake banana and chocolate mascarpone tart: a deliciously simple dessert

No-bake banana and chocolate mascarpone tart: a deliciously simple dessert

This no-bake Chocolate Banana Mascarpone Pie features a rich cocoa cookie crust filled with creamy mascarpone and whipped cream, topped with fresh bananas and chocolate shavings. The combination of the buttery, crispy crust with the creamy, succulent filling and the freshness of the bananas creates a dessert that is both satisfying and refreshingly simple. The chocolate shavings add a touch of elegance and a hint of chocolatey goodness that perfectly complements the creamy filling and tangy bananas.


Why you'll love it:

The dessert is incredibly easy to make without baking, making it perfect for those hot days when you want something sweet without turning on the oven. The mascarpone adds a luxurious richness to the tart, while the bananas provide natural sweetness and a lovely textural contrast. This pie is not only delicious but also visually appealing, making it a perfect choice for get-togethers, family desserts, or as a special treat just for you.

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Perfect occasion:

This tart is ideal for any occasion where a quick and impressive dessert is needed. It's perfect for summer picnics, family gatherings or even as a brunch treat. The simplicity and elegance of this tart make it suitable for both casual and formal settings.

Decorating Tips:

replaces the word nice with empty enhance the visual appeal, arrange the banana slices in a circular pattern and generously sprinkle the chocolate shavings on top. You can also drizzle a little melted chocolate in a zigzag pattern for added style. A pinch of cocoa powder or a few edible flowers could add a final gourmet touch.


  • For the dough:
    • 300 g cocoa-flavored biscuits, crushed
    • 150 g butter (82% fat), melted
  • For the cream filling:
    • 500 g of mascarpone
    • 200 ml cream (30% fat)
    • 20 g of powdered sugar
  • Additional toppings:
    • 5 bananas
    • The juice of a lemon
    • 100 g chopped or grated chocolate
  1. Start by preparing the crust. Mix the crushed cookies with the melted butter until well combined. Press this mixture into the bottom and up the sides of a 22cm springform pan. Chill in the refrigerator to set.
  2. For the filling, in a bowl, whisk the mascarpone with the cream until thick and fluffy. Add the powdered sugar and mix until smooth.
  3. Cut the bananas into slices and sprinkle them with lemon juice to prevent them from browning. Arrange the banana slices on the chilled crust.
  4. Spread the mascarpone cream mixture evenly over the bananas. Sprinkle the top with chopped or grated chocolate.
  5. Refrigerate the pie for at least 4 hours, allowing it to set completely and the flavors to meld.

Enjoy this No-Bake Chocolate Banana Mascarpone Pie, a delicious dessert that combines simplicity with decadent flavors, perfect for any occasion or simply as a treat to brighten your day!

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