Raspberry cream cake: a delicate blend of fresh flavors and silky texture

Raspberry cream cake: a delicate blend of fresh flavors and silky texture

This Raspberry Cream Cake is a divine dessert that showcases the vibrant taste of raspberries paired with a luxurious creamy filling. It starts with a moist and light cake base made from a simple mixture of eggs, sugar, cream and flour, providing a perfect foundation for the flavors to come. The cake is then covered with a rich raspberry compote and a creamy cream made from whipped cream, fromage blanc and mascarpone, all sweetened to perfection. This dessert not only pleases the palate with its delicious combination of sweet and tart, but also visually impresses with its elegant layers.


Why you'll love it: Raspberry Cream Cake is a dream for anyone who appreciates a dessert that is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat. The freshness of the raspberries, combined with the light and airy cake, delivers a refreshing burst of flavor, while the creamy layers add a decadent, fudgy quality. This cake balances the brightness of the fruit with the richness of the cream, making it an irresistible treat for any occasion.

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Perfect occasion: Perfect for spring and summer gatherings, this cake is a fantastic choice for birthdays, garden parties or any celebration requiring a standout dessert. It's also perfect for afternoon tea or as a sophisticated dessert at brunches. This cake brings a touch of elegance and lots of flavor, making it a favorite for both casual and formal events.

Decorating Tips:

  • Garnish the cake with fresh raspberries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar for a classic, refined look.
  • Garnish with mint leaves to add a touch of green that contrasts nicely with the red of the raspberries.
  • Consider drizzling a little raspberry coulis on top for extra shine and flavor.
  • Serve each slice with a dollop of whipped cream or a small scoop of vanilla ice cream to complement the rich flavors.


  • For the cake:
    • 2 eggs
    • 120g of sugar
    • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
    • 200 ml of cream
    • 1 sachet of baking powder
    • 150g flour
  • For the raspberry compote:
    • 500 g frozen raspberries
    • 180 ml of water
    • 4-5 tablespoons of sugar
    • 2 packets of raspberry frosting mix
  • For the cream:
    • 400 ml of cream
    • 100 g of white cheese
    • 150 g of mascarpone
    • 100g powdered sugar
    • 4 tablespoons of stabilizer (Sanapart type)


  1. Preheat your oven to 170°C (338°F). Butter and flour a cake mold.
  2. For the cake base, whisk together the eggs and sugar until fluffy. Add the vanilla sugar and cream. Sift together the flour and baking powder and stir into the wet ingredients until smooth.
  3. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for about 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  4. For the raspberry compote, cook frozen raspberries with water and sugar until the berries break down. Add the raspberry frosting mixture according to package directions and let it thicken.
  5. For the cream, whip the cream with the stabilizer until stiff. Gently fold in the fromage blanc, mascarpone and powdered sugar until well combined.
  6. Once the cake has cooled, cut it horizontally if desired. Layer the cake with the raspberry compote then the cream mixture.
  7. Chill in the refrigerator to set before serving.

Enjoy this succulent raspberry cream cake, a perfect symphony of flavors that will delight your guests and make any occasion more special!

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