Strawberry cream tartlet with Breton shortbread base

Strawberry cream tartlet with Breton shortbread base

This strawberry cream tart combines a rich Breton shortbread base with a velvety vanilla diplomat cream and is topped with fresh, ripe strawberries. It's a wonderful showcase of simplicity and elegance, blending sweet, tender strawberries with creamy textures and a crisp, buttery crust.


Why you'll love it:

This tart will be perfect for anyone who appreciates the subtle blend of flavors and textures. The creamy diplomatic cream, enhanced with a hint of vanilla, pairs wonderfully with fresh strawberries, while the Breton shortbread base adds a satisfying crunch. It is a refreshing and light dessert that is also visually appealing.

Perfect occasion:

This tart is ideal for spring and summer celebrations, whether it's a family reunion, a picnic or a sophisticated brunch. It's also ideal for holidays like Mother's Day or simply to enjoy during strawberry season.

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  • Breton Shortbread Base:
    • 100 grams of soft butter
    • 2 egg yolks
    • 130 grams of flour
    • 60 grams of sugar
    • 6 grams of baking powder
    • A pinch of sea salt
  • Diplomat Cream:
    • 250 ml of milk
    • 3 egg yolks
    • 15 grams of butter
    • Seeds from half a vanilla pod
    • 65 grams of sugar
    • 25 grams of cornstarch
    • 2 leaves of gelatin
    • 190 ml heavy whipped cream


  1. Breton Shortbread Base:
    • Mix the egg yolks with the sugar, then add the softened butter and mix.
    • Sift in the flour, baking powder and a pinch of sea salt. Mix until you get a paste.
    • Press the dough into a tart ring on a lined baking sheet and bake at 180°C (356°F) for 13-15 minutes. Let it cool.
  2. Diplomat Cream:
    • Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water.
    • Whisk egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch. Heat the milk with the vanilla seeds to the boil, then add it to the yolk mixture.
    • Return the mixture to the heat, stirring until thick. Remove from the heat, add the pressed gelatin sheets and butter and mix until smooth.
    • Let the creamy mixture cool, then add the whipped cream. Spread on the cooled base.
  3. Assembly:
    • Slice fresh strawberries and place them on the cream-filled base.
    • Optionally, glaze with a light syrup for added shine.

Enjoy this delicious Strawberry Cream Pie, where each bite brings a mix of creamy, fruity and crunchy textures!

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