Raspberry-Vanilla-Coconut Cake with Raffaello Pieces: A Tropical Delight

Raspberry-Vanilla-Coconut Cake with Raffaello Pieces: A Tropical Delight

Discover the divine taste of this raspberry-vanilla-coconut cake, a sumptuous dessert that perfectly blends fruity, creamy and tropical flavors. This cake features a light and fluffy base enriched with vanilla, topped with rich coconut-infused mascarpone cream and topped with a vibrant raspberry sauce. replaces the word nice with emptypped with pieces of Raffaello, this cake offers a delicious crunch and a hint of almond that complements the soft textures of the cake.


Why you'll love it:

This cake is a treat to the senses, offering a combination of flavors and textures that will delight any dessert lover. The soft cake base absorbs the milky mixture, creating a moist texture that melts in your mouth. The coconut mascarpone cream is luxuriously creamy and rich, providing the perfect contrast to the tangy raspberry sauce. Adding Raffaello pieces introduces a coconut-almond crunch that elevates this cake from delicious to unforgettable.

Perfect occasion:

Perfect for any celebration, this raspberry, vanilla and coconut cake is sure to impress at birthdays, anniversaries or any festive gathering. It is also perfect for summer parties or as a special gift during the holidays. Whether served at an elegant dinner party or a casual family gathering, this cake promises to be a must-have.

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Decorating Tips:

replaces the word nice with empty enhance the visual appeal, sprinkle the top of the cake with additional coconut flakes and arrange some fresh raspberries with Raffaello pieces before serving. For a more dramatic effect, pour a little raspberry sauce on top in a decorative pattern. If available, edible flowers can also add a colorful and elegant touch to this exquisite dessert.


  • For the cake base:
    • 4 eggs
    • 230g of sugar
    • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    • 200 ml of oil
    • 200 ml) milk
    • 300g flour
    • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • For the cream:
    • 500 g of mascarpone
    • 400 ml of cream
    • 75 g caster sugar (adjust according to your taste)
    • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
    • 6 teaspoons of cream stabilizer
    • 5 tablespoons of coconut flakes
  • For the raspberry sauce:
    • 250 g frozen raspberries
    • Sugar to taste
    • A little water
    • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
    • 2 tablespoons cornstarch


  1. Prepare the cake: Whisk eggs, sugar and vanilla extract until frothy. Add the milk and oil at room temperature. Add the flour and baking powder. Pour into a cake mold and bake at 190°C (374°F) for around 40 minutes. Check the cooking with a skewer. Soak the cooked base with a few tablespoons of milk.
  2. Prepare the cream: Whisk together mascarpone, cream, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, cream stabilizer and coconut flakes until stiff.
  3. Prepare the raspberry sauce: Combine raspberries, sugar, water and vanilla extract in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then stir in cornstarch to thicken. Pass through a sieve and leave to cool.
  4. Assemble the cake: Spread the coconut mascarpone cream over the cooled cake base. Pour the cooled raspberry coulis over the cream.
  5. Garnish: Decorate with Raffaello pieces, additional coconut flakes and fresh raspberries if desired.

Enjoy this luxurious raspberry-vanilla-coconut cake, a perfect blend of sweet, tangy and tropical flavors that is sure to be a hit for any occasion!

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